[Share Hub News] “The value of together” Young people sharing is the future




Millennials in Asia are entering the age of “sharing” rather than “ownership”.

With the advent of the Internet and the economic downturn, millennials are showing a distinctively different pattern of consumption from previous generations.

There have recently been a variety of shared economic trends that are gaining attention among them.





“Co-working spaces” allows you to share office space while independently working, allowing you to save money and share different ideas with each other. It is popular among freelancers.


There is also an increasing number of millennials who share their living spaces.

Vehicle sharing services are also becoming popular, with the added benefit of its usage capacity for convenient and quick service using an app.


An economist predicts that the day will come when it will be normal to share, and be strange to own something.

It has also been pointed out that due to the proliferation of a sharing economy, the existing economic entities will lose their place.


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